BAC PublicationsRepublic Act No. 9184 shall apply to the procurement of infrastructure projects, goods and consulting services, regardless of source of funds, whether local or foreign, by all branches and instrumentalities of government, its department, offices and agencies including government-owned and/or controlled corporations and local government units, subject to the provisions of Commonwealth Act No. 138. Any treaty or internation or executive agreement affecting the subject matter of this Act to which the Philippine government is a signatory shall be observedInfrastructure
  1. Invitation to bid
  2. Bid bulletin
  3. Abstract of Bid
  4. Resolution
  5. Notice of awards
  6. Bid Form
  7. Reports
Goods and Services
  1. Bid form
  2. Request for quotation
  3. Abstract of quotation
  4. Purchase order
  5. Invitation to bid
  6. Bid bulletin
  7. Abstract of bid
  8. Notice of awards