Excerpt 02’18-MOA-DSWD Supplemental
Excerpt 03’18-Accreditation San Vicente Ferrer Organic Farmer on Sustainable
Excerpt 04’18-Supp. Bdgt.
Excerpt 05’18-Supp. Bdgt. #
Excerpt 06’18-Supp. Bdgt. #
Excerpt 07’18-Supp. Bdgt. #
Excerpt 08’18-Returning EO No. 15-2017 of Bo.
Excerpt 10’18-DPWH Se. Mark Villar-flood control
Excerpt 11’18-Roberto Y. Uy-Expansion of PWD
Excerpt 12’18-Mun. Engr. conduct inspection Marupay damaged
Excerpt 13’18-DPWH Sec. Villar-extension of flood control Piao
Excerpt 14’18-DPWH Sec. Villar-flood control extension-Upper stream of Piao River-Langatian
Excerpt 16’18- Langatian Bo. Capt. clearing of ditch
Excerpt 24’18- Renaming the existing account of LGU Roxas-Philhealth to RHU
Excerpt 26’18- MMO enter into an agreement-Evelyn
Excerpt 27’18- MMO enter into an agreement-Heirs Felix Ybañ
Excerpt 28’18-MMO enter into an agreement-Heirs of Jacoba
Excerpt 30’18-Strongly opposing and contesting the reduction of land area by 3,693
Excerpt 31’18-Charge to current app’n-Cash
Excerpt 33’18-Appealing to SP on Ord. No. 07, s.
Excerpt 36’18-Cockfight (Feb.) -Dalman at
Excerpt 37’18-Charge to current App’n-Globe Billing
Excerpt 40’18-TV and Repair of CR at new
Excerpt 39’18-Purita Torres submit list of motorized
Excerpt 41’18-MM implement guidelines on overtime pay of
Excerpt 42’18-Cockfight (Feb. 10, 17 & 24) –
Excerpt 43’18-Charge to current App’n-Travel Ben
Excerpt 45’18-Supp. Bdgt. #
Excerpt 46’18-Supp. Bdgt. #
Excerpt 47’18-Supp. Bdgt. #
Excerpt 48’18-Supp. Bdgt#
Excerpt 49’18-Annual Budget –
Excerpt 52’18-Charge to current app’n-MHO Globe
Excerpt 53’18-DPWH (Tangian River Control)
Excerpt 54’18-MOA-Transport
Excerpt 55’18-Dr. Shaheeda Hassiman assign midwives in
Excerpt 56’18 -MTO conduct venue for PWD in far flung
Excerpt 57’18-charge to current app’n-MHO Electric
Excerpt 58’18-charge to current app’n-Mayor’s Annual
Excerpt 59’18-charge to current app’n-MSWDO Aid to Children in
Excerpt 60’18-charge to current app’n-MHO Traveling
Excerpt 61’18-charge to current app’n-Overtime Pay of Port
Excerpt 62’18-MOA DOH (iClinicSys)
Excerpt 63’18-Demolish SK
Excerpt 64’18-Donation of Lot-for DILG
Excerpt 66’18-MM thru ME-rehab bldg. I public
Excerpt 68’18-Interposed no objection for the Pre patent of dead road
Excerpt 69`18-designation
Excerpt 70`18,
Excerpt 71`18-MOA
Excerpt 72`18-MOA
KC Accomplishment for