It had always been my humblest experience when I appear before you, my loving people, to deliver or present to you what had we done during the past years since you bestowed upon me your utmost trust.

My bow of respect to our ever supportive father of the Province, Governor Roberto Y. Uy,
*to Vice Governor Senen O. Angeles,
*to Board Members Boy Lee, Julius Napigquit, Romulo Soliva and Logoy Decierdo.
*To my professional mentor and inspiration because of his ever-flaming fire for public service, *Cong. Isagani Amatong.
*To our beloved and beautiful Representative of the 2nd District, Cong. Glona Labadlabad.
*To Vice Mayor Leonor O. Alberto
*To SB Members : Ismael Rengquijo, Clayford Vailoces, Mark Julius Ybanez, Lucilito Bael
Librado Magcanta, Glicerio Cabus, Helen Bruce and Reynaldo Abitona.
*ABC President: Angelita Rengquijo
*IP Representative: Amado Manta
*To all the barangay captains, teachers, students, friends, guests and—–

To my dearest and ever lovely wife, Josephine Vallecer.

As the Chief Executive of the Municipality of President Manuel A. Roxas, since May 2013 – up to present, I hereby to report to this August body and to my trusting people that:

1. We had already changed the face of the entire municipality through pouring several infrastructures to all barangays in order to improve government services.

In (BUB) or Bottoms-up Budgetting, we were able to implement from 2013-2017
The Total amount of 48,208,796.78

In KALAHI, we were able to implement already TWO CYCLES and now running into our 3rd Cycle. First cycle covered several road concreting, brgy health stations and day care centers. As of now, we had implemented the total of 45 million for KALAHI alone.

Our ever supportive Governor also had shown a lot of partiality to us as he gave us several infrastructures for us to cherish.
1km from Galukso to Layasan
500m in Brgy Tanayan
1km in brgy Pinamar
1km for Brgy. Tantingon
1km for Brgy. Panampalay
500m Brgy Lipakan
500m Brgy. Minang
200m Brgy. Balubo
500m. Brgy. Salisig
Aside from roads, he gave us brgy. halls, health centers, school buildings and potable drinking water.

Equally generous Representative of the Second District, former Congressman Dodoy Labadlabad, gave Roxas the following:

a) Covered courts (all barangays except Labakid.
b) School Buildings
c) Potable drinking water
d) Health Centers
e) Daycare Centers
f) Barangay Halls of Denoman, Piao, Pinamar, Langatian, Upper Irasan, Dohinob, Galukso, Tantingon, Pinalan, Lipakan.
g) Road Concreting – Banbanan – Denoman
Sibatog to Tantingon
Canibongan to Moliton
Lipakan to Sebod
Capase to Moliton
h) Seawall with 469m or 40 Million project
i) Flood control in Dohinob 31 million
j) Flood control in Piao River 43Million
k) Repair of bridges of Langatian and Dohinob
l) Expansion roads
And so many… many more… with this, Thank you Cong. Dodoy.

2. Aside from infrastructures, our administration also tried to invest on our Agriculture and environment.
a) Corn Program
b) Rice Program
c) Livestock Program
d) Fishery Program
e) High Value Crops Development program
f) Other accomplishments
– Availed of 1 unit mud boat
– 5 rolls delivery hose
– 6 units water pump
– Distribution of 50 packs rodenticide
– Distribution of 70 boxes Instalink as organic fertilizer
– Availed 1 unit corn sheller
– Acquired a liquid Nitrogen Tank for Artificial Insemination of Carabao
– Conducted Artificial insemination for large and small Animals
– Distributed 2 units of Marine engine for fishing
– Community Fish Landing
– Coffee seedlings
– Cacao Seedlings
– 2 units of Decorticating machines for abacca farmers
– 1 unit tractor

2.a. DENR also poured millions of projects in our mountain barangays through their National Greening Program. Sadly, we don’t have actual data because it did not pass through this office but directly to the IP Beneficiaries.

2.b. I would like to thank you also for being part of our tree-planting activities in the different parts of the municipality.


A. Our municipality had not only been known this time because of the several activities we conducted here in our grounds, but also in financial and business matters. We are NO.1 in the entire Region in the Performance Standard for Local Treasury conducted by eSRE-BLGF, DOF Central Office for 2014.

B. Pres. Manuel A. Roxas also had been the TOP PERFORMING MUNICIPALITY in Region IX because we had 109% collection efficiency.

C. Department of Trade and Industry rated Roxas as the No. 1 municipality in the entire Zamboanga Peninsula according to Cities and Municipalities Competitiveness Index through 3 equally important pillars: economic dynamism, government efficiency and infrastructure.

D. When we start believing in our government, others will believe also. For this year alone, we are expecting almost a 3 BILLION PROJECT. Thanks for trusting Roxas:
– Petra Cement 1.2B
– SeaOil 800M
– CMON Roxas 1B

D. Because of the above investments and as we intensify the collection of business and real property taxes, as of May 31, 2017, from a target of 65,018,587.50 as budget estimate for 6 months, we already have 75,636,396.22 income. That is 116.33% higher income than the budget. Or from 8M on 2016 revenue, as of May 2017, we already have 11.361M, an increase of almost 3.3M or 41%.

E. We have also increased our Port collection from 8.9M for 2015 to 1M every month this year.

F. For now, we have other potential source of our local income: New Public Market, Integrated Bus Terminal and Motorpool. Hopefully, when these become fully operational, they will support the programs of our administration.

G. Our coffee plantation in Tapeza, Panampalay, had been rejuvenated. We may not be able to get any harvest in the next few years. Yet, once it becomes possible, it will contribute to our goal that Roxas will be a Coffee Producing Municipality.

4. We safeguarded Social protection programs instituted by the National Government
And improve local initiatives.
a. 4Ps beneficiaries were given livelihood programs by DSWD and by their own initiatives. I commend the work of our municipal links.
b. Most of the senior citizens are already enjoying Social Pension from the national government. With their initiative too, the family of the departed member of the association shall receive P10,000.00 out from the contribution of individual members. SB had also made a resolution effective next year that the LGU shall provide additional 3,000.00 for the departed senior citizen.
c. The PWD had always been part and parcel of this administration. They were given TESDA trainings and even opportunity to exercise what they are trained for. They have free market stall at the new market. For massage, haircut, manicure and pedicure.
d. The Subanen Tribe are also heard in the council for the first time. Honorable Amado Manta, from Brgy. Moliton, had been given the privilege to bring the concerns of his people in the municipal level. With high hopes that the documents of every representative in the barangay may also be recognized.

e. The LGBT community had also been crucial to the success of Roxas. This LGU had provided financial aid to them in order to show some support with a vision that we should not discount the worth in every one for nation building.

5. We railroaded the exposure of Roxas to the frontiers of tourism.
With your unwavering support and relentless effort to contribute to the welfare of our municipality, we were able to host several unparalleled events in this municipality. The Provincial Meet, Regional Meet, One Mindanao Jamboree, National Caving Summit, Provincial Fire Activity and others.

Who would have thought that Roxas has all these treasures? Mario Falls, Tulayog Falls, Tulbong Falls, Caves, rapids… etc. Soon we will discover more.

6. Because of the successes of the different events here in Roxas, it had been a declaration that peace and order and security are well maintained. Crime rates decreased. Police multipliers had been activated. The programs of our beloved Pres. Rodrigo Duterte in his war against drugs had well been established.

7. Moreover, the most tragic event that happened in this administration was the January 16, 2017 Low Pressure. When were hit with massive rains, flashfloods and landslides. Despite our efforts to strengthen our disaster resilience, the magnanimity of the disaster maimed us. We have our backhoe, bulldozer, 2 SKW, 2 rescue vehicles, pump boat, speed boat, dump trucks, cargo trucks and we have trained personnel to respond to situations like that. But we can only do so much. Thank you for the people who extended their help and all the understanding. The Provincial Gov’t for being there on the first night until the last, VICLAO, Petra, SeaOil, McDonalds, Cong. Glona, the Regional DSWD for the thousands of relief goods. And other private and public entities who cried with us.

8. One of the major impacts that probably we have shown in this administration is the Change of government employees’ attitude towards public service. Hopefully, with the implementation of Strategic Performance Monitoring System, all employees will be guided with the demands of their respective duties. If we really want to serve the people well, if we understand that public office is a public trust, we should start from our internal system. Then, we can radiate the good things to the people.

9. Of all the changes that I had introduced, I pray that this last one may endure. The future is not for us to see, but for us to prepare… for these children to blossom as beautiful flowers of our dreams.

Without further ado, I would like to deliver my STATE OF THE CHILDREN ADDRESS

Our Municipality had been struggling for a very high poverty level. Every aspect in our people’s lives had been affected by the basic needs. How can we really enjoy life with an empty stomach? Yet, we cannot change this overnight. Even superman cannot lift this dilemma.
Our administration had virtually invested much on Human Capital Development thru health and education in order to meet the demands of development. Again, we sought the help of our Provincial, National, local and private partners in this endeavor. More school buildings, day care centers and playgrounds had been erected.

Private entities and Non-government organizations had even extended their help to our municipality in order to free us from the bandage of poverty.

Thanks to ZNFEPA and ChildFund, for continually giving your support and resources for the betterment of the children of Roxas. 16 barangays out of 31, had been covered by the programs od ZNFEPA, with the goal of providing continuous basic support to the education and development of our children.

Thanks also to Rotary Club of Dipolog for sharing some of your books to all the schools in Roxas. All 31 barangays benefited with your donations.

Thanks to Wilmar Edible Oil, Inc. for practically constructing a one-unit school building in thr farthest barangay, brgy. Panampalay. And for all your feeding programs and health Center within you area. I know there will be more.

One of the most noticeable programs in our Municipality is our Sports program. As I believe that our children is the hope of our fatherland, it is inherent within our powers to guide them and bring out the best that they can be. Without us, the hopes of our fatherland shall perish. As the teachers hone them in their classroom, we shall hone these kids after they get out from their classrooms, THROUGH SPORTS. Our LGU now invests on qualified coaches that are competent enough to guide our kids to their dreams. We have coaches for TAEKWONDO, VOLLEYBALL, BASKETBALL, FOOTBALL, TABLE TENNIS, SEPAK TAKRAW, SWIMMING and ARCHERY. Some of our kids had now been sent to Cagayan de Oro and study in an international school just to play basketball. One also is in Manila. All of them are enjoying free schooling.
– John Lennon Clarion in OLFCA
– Chandy Macias with SVC uniform
– Joffil Macias, Solatorio, Pinero and Dicierdo with Assumption uniform

Our football team had already reached as far as Cagayan de Oro, Zamboanga City, Lanao del Norte, Iligan City just to play and bring home some trophies.

While in other sports, we are still struggling. But where will everything starts?

I simply have a vision, that since these kids cannot afford college or finish school, we train them, give them hope, equip them, so that someday they will face their own battles with pride.

With all of these…. Everything had been possible because of our partners in government service.
Pictures of Gov. UY, Cong Dodoy, Cong. Glona, Logos of different agencies, Pres. Duterte,
Private (wilmar, seaoil, petra, dicomi, viclao, CMON, SB and vice, brgy captains, LGU-employees, people of Roxas, my family,
Above All…. To the ALMIGHTY…

By helping each other, by being with one another, we had already moved mountains in bringing the services to our people. But we should not be complacent, we should not stop, until we change everything around us. It is just a matter of time that everything will fall into its places. What would you like Roxas to become in the next ten years? Everything will really depend on you. As the father of this town, I simply set our direction, a catalyst of change…. But YOU are the biggest factor. Let us continue to have each other, let us continue to dream together.

Thank you.